Shailesh Dash

Newage Learning partners with American University in the Emirates

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Both institutions will offer certified training in emerging technologies to help students to secure roles in digital and tech companies, to freelance or to follow their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Newage Learning, a leading training provider of instructor-led software programming and immersive cybersecurity bootcamps, on Wednesday announced its partnership with American University in the Emirates.

The leadership of the UAE announced the country’s national strategy for artificial intelligence (AI), with a clear vision of becoming world leaders in AI by the year 2031. Key objectives within this strategy include the attraction and training of talent and developing a fertile ecosystem for AI. The programmes offered by Newage Learning, through the Viva Coder initiatives ensure that the talent pool for coding is being cultivated within the universities present in the UAE.

In addition, the country has announced the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) Strategy to strengthen the country’s position as a global hub and to increase its contribution to the national economy by means of advancing innovation and future technologies.

The partnership between American University in the Emirates and Newage Learning seeks to strengthen the two parties’ academic cooperation to promote mutual objectives in holding joint bootcamps, as well as creating a community of coders throughout the university. As a partner institution of AUE, Newage Learning will establish skills-based training programmes targeting various colleges in AUE.

Strategic approach

The AUE President, Professor Muthanna Ghani Abdul Razzaq, said it is vital that the higher education sector respond to the global technological needs with strategic approaches to maximise the potential of the students by building their skills required across industries.

“The shared value of AUE and Newage Learning including lifelong learning and students’ success, makes this collaboration an important step towards bridging the digital gap within today’s workforce,” he said.

“We find AUE are the best partner in creating a technology-focused community in boosting the student’s digital skills. Our partnership will create most up-to-date technology courses tailored to the specific learning styles & needs of the participants,” the NewAge learning founder and director, Shailesh Dash, affirmed.

The immersive programmes will also offer opportunities for students to secure roles in digital and tech companies, to freelance or to follow their entrepreneurial pursuits.