Shailesh Dash



Coming from a humble background in the small city of Puri, Orissa in India, I have come a long way by building new successful businesses in the Gulf, while raising multbillion-dollar funds for various corporations as well as working on new business venture ideas and bringing them to fruition. I love what I do. My purpose in life is to create successful businesses, taking great ideas and making them into valuable, profitable entities. My core belief is based upon adding value to society through increasing employment and improving financial literacy to make as many people financially independent as humanly possible.

How it all Began

I was raised by an amazing Mother & a loving Father in a middle-class family in India who taught me discipline, love, compassion and empathy. I didn't have many friends as with my father's job we kept changing cities and schools every 2-4 years. As a child I was an introvert and struggled physically from scoliosis and mentally being unable to communicate very well, which remain with me until now.

It made me leave cricket, my first career choice, which only made me more success in life. I never let the negative thoughts and the lack of success back then to have an impact on my growth. Hard work and diligence in my studies led to me coming out on top in my university in Economics and Mathematics and thereafter completing my MBA and CFA.


The last two decades have seen me moving to the Gulf, raising billions of dollars investing in more than 80 companies and start ups from Turkey to China, building successful enterprises as well as losing businesses. Experiencing several market cycles and learning from mistakes, struggling with different economic conditions, but never feeling disheartened and always innovating and trying to build successful businesses.It has led to me winning several awards and recognitions regionally and internationally. But life is still far from being perfect, it brings new challenges every day.

Failures and rejections have not let my spirits down, but encouraged me to keep trying to build that perfect organization which can stand the test of time and would generate significant shareholder wealth.


I believe in being a doer, not procrastinating in success, failure, economic conditions or the market. It is my firm belief that the future is bright and we are entering the technological revolution, a period that will create enormous successful companies, improve social and living conditions for people all over the world and in the process, create significant wealth for all stakeholders. The region needs several strategists, leaders, successful entrepreneurs and many more successful businesses to create an eco-environment where new unicorns can be created every week in the Gulf region

My mission is to spread the invaluable experience of knowing and learning what makes certain ideas and enterprises successful and what pitfalls need to be avoided. I think it is time for me to share these incredible experiences and stories through this website, podcasts and videos.